With the title of his work, Christian Benesch also names his artistic development process. He started to take photos while working as a fashion model for many years all over the world. His metamorphoses are a composition of self-portraits, multi-exposures and nudes, which makes him object and subject of the photos at the same time. Other than in many other nudes, the physicalness in his pictures doesn’t imply eroticism or sexuality, but the search for oneself, the reckoning of the own body until abstraction of the physicalness.


By using long-exposure technics and experimenting with multi-exposures, the body becomes a amorphous shape which again creates new body images. The photographer succeeds to open a new perspective on the physicalness. The overlaying bodies seem almost like skins which can be pulled off. The body in Christian Benesch’s work becomes a experimental laboratory, where it’s all about self-reflection and the awareness of others.